Have You Settled For Less Than You Deserve?

When Louise Sawyer said "you get what you settle for" she was talking about relationships. But the same thing is true for your education, your career and also your swimming.

While swimming isn't as important as our relationships, it's saddening to see someone you care about settle for less than they deserve because they don't believe they can be better.

If you've read our new book, you'll have heard us talk about how an eleven year old can be such a fast swimmer despite having very little strength compared to an adult. One of reasons they can do that is that kids don't place limitations on themselves, every time they go to the pool they walk out excitedly on to the poolside with a clear head, jump in the water, go for it and see what they can do.

Maybe you've settled because of your age, your inexperience, your talent, your training time, your gender or your height. Are you sure the barriers you feel are not entirely self imposed? Take a leaf from that eleven year old's book: enjoy every moment, work hard, keep an open mind and believe you will become a better swimmer...

...and you will.

Swim Smooth!


David Carrington said...

If only it was that simple!(from a plodding overglider and unilateral breather with a bad shoulder who zigzags wildly in open water and gets overtaken by 11 year olds all the time!)

Pamela said...

I truly believe this. I go to my training session every time with excitement and a 'see what I can do today' attitude. I learnt how to swim 6 years ago, and I'm passionately in love with sport. And despite hearing from not so enthusiastic people the words 'well if you were younger' or 'why do you train so hard, you're not going to the Olympics' I still believe there's room for improvement, even at 39.

susan huber said...

well, I am 64 and I just got back after a hiatus from competing as a junior olympian and i can tell you..my stroke was laughable and somehow..with a lot of help from swim smooth and my coaches i am able to compete and i am so happy...i may whine of being old but it is gratifying to swim faster than anyone here except for one kid...now, my limitation is distance and i will work on that thanks to Paul and my coach talking to me.ps my stroke is so smooth...gotta get faster...!

Anonymous said...

Swim Smooth is great for my technique but I have found a great cure for lethargy. An underwater pace clock. Every time I come off the wall, there it is, staring me in the face and I want to go faster.

Bill said...

I agree with this post - since starting training using swim smooth CSS - my 500 metre times at moderate pace have come down from 10:30 to 9:45. I still think I can get to low 50secs per 100 metre - so thanks to the guys at swimsmooth (age 55 and only started swimming 3 years ago)

Bill said...

Ps that's low 50 secs per 50 metre

Unknown said...

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