Join Us At Heron Lake On August 6th

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Swim Smooth Open Water Skills Evening: Heron Lake

In conjunction with HUUB wetsuits, Swim Smooth's Paul Newsome and Adam Young will be running an open water skills evening at Heron Lake in West London on 6th August. We're only in the UK for a limited time during the Olympics and the evening is strictly limited to 50 swimmers, so book quickly!

Receive direct coaching from Paul and Adam, including :

- A special Swim Smooth seminar on improving your performances in open water.

- A coached open water skills session to improve your sighting technique, drafting skills and ability to swim straight.

Your open water skills are just as important as
stroke technique and fitness to your performances.
- Correct wetsuit fitting (this can make a surprising difference to how well you swim in your suit).

- Mindset tips and strategies for better racing.

- Special guests and demonstration swims by elite triathletes including Harry Wiltshire.

- Test out what you've learnt in a mini race! Estimate your 400m or 1500m time and then complete the respective race distance without a watch on. The male and female swimmers closest to their estimated time win a special prize!

We're sure this will fill up very quickly so don't hesitate to book your place:

We also hope to have a number of HUUB wetsuits available to test on the evening, subject to their availability.

Swim Smooth!


Nick said...

Would this event be of much use to me as a relative beginner at crawl and still very slow (roughly 10+ mins for 400m?)

Adam Young said...

Hi Nick, you'd be fine as long as you are confident you can swim 400m in open water. Do you suffer from excessive anxiety at all?

Cheers, Adam

Nick said...

Not at all, I enjoy being in open water and swim in the sea often. I'm just stuck with a poor technique and have actually gotten slower since I first learnt freestyle over a year ago.

Adam Young said...

You'd be absolutely fine then - I'm quite sure there'll be other people of your speed level on the course. :)

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