Our New Swim Type Video Sequences

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New Swim Type Sequences

Our Swim Types system eschews the 'one size fits all' approach to swim coaching and recognises the individual shapes, sizes and personalities that we all have and how that impacts on how we swim. We've pulled together some detailed video sequences showing you each of our six Swim Types in action. When you see these clips below you can really understand the common aspects between different swimmers of each type and how each stroke type fits together.

Identify your own Swim Type and we'll show you exactly what's holding you back. Then, by using one of our 20 page Swim Type Guides we'll give you detailed step-by-step instructions to improve your swimming.

Are you forever stuck as your swim type? Absolutely not. The types are the six classic ways that people swim given their current ability level. As you develop your swimming you will move away from your original type, ideally towards one of the two 'ideal' stroke styles: the Swinger or the Smooth.

Check out these new sequences, we think you'll find them fascinating :

Swim Smooth!


Alias said...

Nice footage. It would be great to have some footage of myself swimming as I'm not sure which type I belong to.

I've swum for a few years. Now swim in a squad twice a week.

Struggled tremendously at first. People have later remarked on my strong kick, but I try not to use the kick so much anymore. People have also remarked on a lopsided stroke and coaches have remarked on too short strokes and too straight arms in the pull. I like open water swimming but only if the waves are small. I stuggle in rough water. I'm quite fast in kick sets but loose a bit with the pull buoy. (I see others strong in kick sets who loose more with the pull buoy.) In the questionnaire I get Swinger, Kicktastic or maybe Arnie.

Unrefined swinger, perhaps?

T said...

Can you tell me how you obtain the above, front, and rear views of Jono Van Hazel (Mr. Smooth) while he is swimming? It almost looks like you have an aerial mount that moves continuously with the swimmer.


Adam Young said...

Hi Alias, it could be or a developed Arnie? Any video of your stroke available?

Hi T, yes we have a tracking system at the pool to which we mount a professional video camera - gives a very nice image!


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