Announcing Our New Book: The Complete Swim Smooth Coaching System!

Have you enjoyed our Swim Smooth website and this blog? If so, you'll simply love our new book, launching today! :

There's never been a swimming book like this before, it's packed with hundreds of photos, diagrams, descriptions, explanations and step by step instructions to take your swimming to the next level. All written in Swim Smooth's clear and easy to understand style. Full information here.

Published by one of the largest publishing companies in the world John Wiley & Sons, it's taken over a year for Paul Newsome and Adam Young to write and is based on all our work and experiences at Swim Smooth since our creation in 2004.

The book contains everything you need to understand your swimming and take it forwards:

• How to develop every aspect of your freestyle stroke technique with step by step methods.

• Our complete drill set with detailed descriptions and photos.

• How to take a truly individual approach to your swimming, so that you develop a stroke style that really works for you.

• Becoming a great open water swimmer, overcoming anxiety and developing those critical open water skills.

• Developing your specific swimming fitness, a much overlooked and misunderstood subject but one that can make a huge difference to your level of comfort and performances.

• Dry land strength and conditioning to improve your swimming.

• Combine our unique skeleton structure with detailed technique and training sets to transfer what you've learnt into practical swim sessions to follow. Using this structure you can create over 5000 unique sessions!

Here at Swim Smooth we're extremely proud of this new work. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced swimmer it is packed with the insight and methods you need to take your swimming to the next level.

The book is now on sale on our website, order today and we will ship to you on 15th June (next Friday) wherever you are in the world:

Swim Smooth!


paddyhazard said...

Any plans to release it as an ebook? No need for the super fast postage then!

Adam Young said...

Hi paddyhazard,

Yes, it will be available as an ebook in a month or so I believe. Saying that, you can't beat a paper copy for a book like this as you'll always be dipping in and out of it! :)

Cheers, Adam

Alias said...

Great stuff. I've been enjoying web page and DVDs, but I'll surely get this one.

Christine said...

Do you know the estimated delivery time to Canada once shipped? (Vancouver, BC area). I saw it will be on amazon and chapters sites as well but not until June 29th. Wondering if I would receive it quicker purchasing through you. Can't wait to read the book and thanks for the website and videos!!

Adam Young said...

Hi Christine,

Normal shipping time to Canada is 5-7 working days so we should beat June 29th!

We've been told by the publisher it's not available in North America until September, I'm not sure who's right there.

Cheers, Adam

ben_eitel said...

Hi Adam
Well done on the book, really looking forward to it!
I note your comment about being released in eBook format - any chance this will be available for sale in a PDF format? (so it can be viewed on laptop/iPad)

Adam Young said...

Hi Ben,

Yes it will be available in all e-formats for your ipad/laptop etc!


Mbarron said...

eBook would have the option for animated clips.

Unknown said...

Hello guys,

Just wanted to send you a quick note regarding your new book. Your book is the best book on swimming technique that I have seen. It is truly revolutionizing for my swimming. Everything you say and do makes perfect sense and I am very thankful that you made the effort to unlock the secrets of efficient freestyle swimming and share them with the greater public.

Inspired by your book, I did two 40 min sessions each day from Mo-We focusing a three key drills from the book. I started with 1:38 for 100m on Monday morning (baseline), Monday evening, I brought it down to 1:32, Tuesday morning 1:29, and Wednesday evening 1:26 for 100m. 12s faster is truly amazing. The three drills I focused on were 6-1-6, swimming with freestyler paddles, and the relaxation sinking exercise (where one exhales and sinks down). 6-1-6 helped me to learn body rotation while keeping my head in the same position. From the three this was probably the most effective as it lengthened my stroke significantly and helped put me in a be streamlined position. I also realized that my arm entry was a little bit off. My arm was not parallel to the centerline of my body. I realized that this wasted energy, so I focused on a parallel (to centerline) entry.
The free stylers helped me to recognize that my arm would sink naturally as the water would press against my forehand/arm, and this would naturally initiate the catch. Being the classic overglider, I wasted energy keeping my arm up.
The sinking exercise helped me to relax and to become more mindful of my breathing during the stroke.

I am coming from a running background and got hooked into doing sprint triathlons 10 years ago.

It would be amazing to be able to sustain a pace between 1:10 and 1:20 for 100m.

Anonymous said...

hi is the book coming out in spanish as well? i am from Argentina, and i am following you guys since a long time.
thank you

Adam Young said...

Hi there. Yes we very much hope so, the publisher are looking at translating it right now. Cheers! Adam

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