Paul Newsome Interview On IM Talk

If you are an Ironman triathlete you've probably listened to the excellent IMTalk podcast hosted by Bevan James Isles and coach John Newsom. This week's show features an in-depth interview with Swim Smooth's head coach Paul Newsome covering all things swimming.

Check out the show here:

The interview starts at around 47 minutes into the podcast and kicks off with a discussion about modelling your fitness using the training metrics CSS and TSS. If you find this a little technical then skip forwards to around 53 minutes where things broaden out and Paul discusses Swim Smooth's coaching philosophy, the Swim Types system and how you can change your approach to swimming to get much better results.

Swim Smooth!


Tim Norris said...

Hi Paul,

I'm doing an iron distance tri on july 1st. Bike and run are on track, but swimming is WAY behind. Any tips to help me prepare as best as possible in the remaining 10 weeks? Swimming is not my strongest discipline.

Thanks Paul.


Adam Young said...

Hi Tim,

Two things:

- Take a look at, if we can identify your swim type then we can give you some much more specific advice for your stroke.

- Check out our waterproof training plans for Ironman distance. These contain 35 sessions (approx 10 weeks worth) to prepare you perfectly for your IM swim:


Adam Young
Swim Smooth

Omer said...

A general question:
I'm following SwimSmooth for close to a year now, and watched most of your content. so first - congratulations for a wonderful job!!!
However, I'm curious to hear more about the PUSH part of the stroke, namely post the high-elbow phase and when the hand is practically orthogonal to the body. Several questions: What is the percentage of it contributing to the entire stroke, should we see bubbles when the hand is out of the water, how to curl the hand so water won't be pushed UP but Backwards? and most importantly: what drills could help that phase if at all important.
Would love to hear back
thank you again

Adam Young said...

Hi Omer,

Glad you're enjoying our work! :)

Did you see this blog post? :

and worth reading in relation:

Take a look and let us know your thoughts.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...
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