Introducing Five Swim Smooth Coaches (Permanently In The UK!)

Today we are very excited to announce the new SS Certified Coach Programme with five newly qualified Swim Smooth Coaches permanently coaching in the UK. Each coach has been hand picked by us, highly trained for over 12 months (including special intensive training with us in Perth, Australia) and are now ready and waiting to give you the very highest quality of swim coaching available in the world. Their services include:

Certified Coach Training In Perth, 2011
- One to one consultations including Advanced Video Analysis to transform your stroke technique

- Swim Smooth squad sessions for all ability levels featuring the perfect mix of technique work, training and open water skills sessions

- Open water skills sessions to make sure you transfer your pool abilities across to the open water (don't underestimate the importance of this)

- Swim Smooth's unique individual approach to swim coaching

Welcome to the Swim Smooth team Fiona Ford, Steve Casson, Steve Bailey, Martin Hill and Julian Nagi! For full information on the coaches and their locations, please visit:

(Just like our clinics, these guys are going to be extremely popular - so please don't delay in booking your consultation with them or enquiring about joining their squad.)

The Triathlon Show This Weekend

Don't forget that Swim Smooth will be at the Triathlon Show in London this weekend. Paul Newsome will be there and we'll be running swimming seminars on both Saturday and Sunday (see here).

The newly certified coaches will also be there to meet you - please come and say hi. Also, if you bring along video of your stroke on a memory stick or DVD we'll take a look at your footage and give you an instant analysis of what you're doing wrong at the moment and how to improve your swimming!

Sorry For the Wait

Julian, Fiona and Paul Newsome share a joke with
our squad swimmers in Perth
We know that many of you have been frustrated that you could not get onto one of our International Clinics when we have travelled over from Australia. This has been a problem for us over the last two to three years as demand for our coaching has sky rocketed, in the last twelve months alone we've had over 1500 direct enquiries from swimmers about attending our clinics.

To meet this demand our intention has always been to seek out the very best coaching talent, carefully train and mentor each coach individually and give them huge experience in using Swim Smooth's methods. Thanks for being so patient while we went through this process, this is not something you can hurry or inevitably standards will slip. Rest assured, Julian, Martin, Steve, Steve and Fiona now represent the very best swim coaching available to you in the UK - and the world for that matter.

It only remains for us to congratulate the guys on the great achievement of becoming a full Swim Smooth coach. We've pushed you very hard over the last twelve months of your training but you've come through every test with flying colours. Paul Newsome, Adam Young and the rest of the SS team are very proud of you and your abilities.

Swim Smooth!


Anonymous said...

Well done guys. Tune up!

Anonymous said...

Do you have any plans to come to the U.S.? Good grief I would drive 5 hours to come to a SwimSmooth 1-day!

Mark Lucey said...

What about Sydney guys?? When are you going to run some clinics's a lot closer than the UK!

Keith said...

When are you coming to Auckland? Ocean swimming is very popular here, with over 1,000 swimmers in the annual harbour crossing in November.
I would definitely sign-up for your clinics!

Adam Young said...

Hi guys, thanks very much for your interest in our clinics and coaches. We're working as hard as we can to develop a really fantastic network of very high quality coaches around the world.

This will take a while to do so please be patient - we'll be with you in the US, NZ and eastern states as soon as we can.



Anonymous said...


Thanks for your website, Mr Smooth etc, it's been making a big difference to my swimming over the past year after a plateau caused by too much gliding. (Sometimes it's great to be diagnosed with a well-known condition!)

Now: any updates on coaches or visits to Sydney?!


Adam Young said...

Hi Martin,

Great stuff - thanks for posting that.

We're working hard training some new coaches at the moment but I'm afraid I don't have any good news on Sydney yet...

All the best in the meantime!


Anonymous said...

What about NZ? Only a quick hop over the water, and I know there would be huge interest here.


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