Better Wetsuit Design For Women

Most women's triathlon and open water swimming wetsuits are simply men's suits cut to the female form, which we think is a pretty underwhelming approach to their design. With the new Huub Aura we started from a clean sheet of paper and designed a bespoke suit for women that is getting rave reviews from all the girls who have tested it (e.g. here).

Most women feel unbalanced in their wetsuit. This is caused by too much buoyancy in the hips and legs, which lifts them out of the water at the rear and leaves them bobbing around like a cork with very little stability. This happens because women as a rule women are much more buoyant than men and this buoyancy is distributed differently around the body, with more in the hips and legs.

Many women also like to use their kick when they swim and being brought too high at the rear by their wetsuit means they start to kick into the air, which is very ineffective and disconcerting.

A third difference is that women find wetsuits more restricting around the shoulders than men and suffer to a far greater extent from shoulder fatigue than their male counterparts.

What's the solution? We sat down with the new team at Huub and designed a special low buoyancy suit that is ultra flexible, particularly in the chest, upper back and shoulders. We named it the 'Aura' and it is incredibly effective for women who have a naturally high body position in the water.

One additional benefit of this design is that the thinner neoprene creates a suit that is much easier to put on and take off, and because it is thinner it doesn't make your legs look like tree trunks!

So girls, when selecting a new wetsuit choose carefully and find a suit that matches your natural buoyancy and body position in the water. In doing so, make sure you take a good look at the new Huub Aura, you won't believe how nice it feels in the water and how well you swim in it. For more information see the Huub website and brochure.

For men reading this, if you are in the opposite situation and have sinky legs in the water then check out the Huub 3:5 profile suits - you will never have experienced a leg-lifting effect like it!

All Huub wetsuits have been designed by Swim Smooth and renowned sports science Professor Huub Toussaint to match the stroke characteristics of individual swimmers for maximum comfort and performance. The new range goes on sale in April.

Swim Smooth!


fishyhalflord said...

When and where can I get one????

JamesBoH said...

Not too much buoyancy and lots of flexibility in the shoulders - sounds like a suit for "advanced" swimmers too. What are the differences?

Adam Young said...

Hi James, there are plenty of women with great body positions who aren't of 'advanced' level, they just need a less buoyant suit. Versus the other Huub suits the difference is that the Aura is 3mm all over, which makes it low buoyancy and super-flexible. Versus other wetsuits in the market, the features are too many to mention here!

Hi fishyhalflord, they go on sale in April, we'll be retailing them along with many others around the world. The distribution network is being finalised now.

Cheers, Adam

Anonymous said...

What if you are a female beginner swimmer whose legs sink?

Adam Young said...

Hi anonymous,

If you have sinky legs you'll need a suit with more buoyancy in the legs. In the Huub range there will be a female version of the Aegis 3:5 - check it out!


Marie D said...

A wetsuit designed for women -yay I want one.

My question though - why are wetsuits totally black?
If you out there in low light or overcast conditions, then the water is dark and there we are in black wetsuits. Add a little bit of chop and we just don't stand out for boaties who aren't on the look out for swimmers.

Increasing the amount of colour - particularly in the arms would greatly improve our visibilty to other water users. If wetsuit arms were solid flouro orange or green they would flash as we swam and go some way to making us more visible.
It seems an obvious safety issue, that is easily resolved, that no one has addressed yet.

Adam Young said...

Hi Marie,

That's a very good question, it's something we have discussed here at Swim Smooth a few times to make OW swimming in a wetsuit safer. We will press the guys at Huub on this!


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