We're Coming To The Triathlon Show, London!

Exciting news: Swim Smooth will be at the Triathlon Show (formerly TCR) at Sandown Park, Surrey, UK from March 2nd to 4th. Paul Newsome and the rest of the team are flying in from Australia and will be there to say hi and talk about your swimming. Bring a video clip of your stroke along too for us to look at (see below). If you missed out on a place on our clinic series, here's another opportunity to catch us in the flesh!

Don't miss:

Our Video Analysis Tables

Bring along video of your swim stroke on a USB memory stick or DVD and have it analysed by a full Swim Smooth Coach! We'll give you insight into what's holding you back at the moment and provide some simple but effective tips on how to improve your swimming going forward. Good quality footage is ideal but you will be amazed what we can glean from basic clips.

We should also have web access on the stand (although we can't guarantee this) so if your video is on You Tube or similar we can also pull it up from there.

Two Special Presentations

In the 220 Seminar Theatre we'll be giving two not-to-be-missed talks:
Swim Smooth: Your Stroke vs. The Pros, 2.30pm Saturday 3rd March
We're landing in to the UK in March.
Digging into Swim Smooth's extensive archive of video footage, understand the five classic undiagnosed technique faults and why they might be present in your own stroke. Using our insightful HD video analysis of some of the best swimmers and triathletes in the world, Head Coach Paul Newsome will show you how to fix those faults and explain the common misconceptions and pitfalls that may be holding you back with your swimming.

Swim Smooth: The Three Keys to Triathlon Swimming Success, 12.15pm Sunday 4th March
Taken from the Swim Smooth Age-Group & Elite Squads in Perth Australia, Paul Newsome shows you how to prepare perfectly for triathlon and open water swimming whatever your ability level. There are three essential elements (we call them 'The Keys') to perform at your best in the water - we'll show you how to maximise each to exit the swim higher than you ever thought you could.

All Our Products And DVDs Will Be There

Get a preview of our swimming DVDs on the big screen and take a look at our waterproof training plans. Ask one of our coaches about Wetronomes and Tempo Trainer Pros and we'll show you how they work and how they can benefit your swimming.

We can't wait to touch down on British soil and meet you in just a couple of weeks time - see you at the show!

Swim Smooth


Les said...

when if at all is the swim smooth crew coming to north america - namely Canada- ? love to go see you here for a clinic.

Adam Young said...

Hi Les,

Very soon hopefully! We have a trip to North America in the early planning stages and are well over-due a visit. Hope to meet you then!

Cheers, Adam

shuber1 said...

I am with Les...and hope that you do not miss Canada...yea, we are a big nation and fewer people than either USA or UK..but we are just as fanatical and we would like to improve our strokes with consistent coaching which we do not get here...I am hopeful that you can come earlier than 2013...please///we have better food and better hospitality..come on over...we'll give you people a great time too!

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