Announcing SS UK Clinics March 2012

Swim Smooth are excited to announce four UK Clinics in Loughborough, Stirling and Corby in March. Each one day clinic features full video analysis and stroke correction, and is strictly limited to 12 swimmers -  perfect for any swimmer or triathlete looking to improve their speed and efficiency in the water.

For full information and to book your place, visit:

Featuring HD Video Analysis Of Your Stroke
** The last clinic series in May filled up within 1½ hours (no that's not a typo!) - please don't hesitate to book your place! **

We may also have a clinic in Birmingham on the 6th of March but this is not yet confirmed. This series is quite short compared to previous series as we are mainly focusing on Coach Education on this trip over from Australia.

Swim Smooth!


Anonymous said...

Ireland, any chance??

Chris Livingstone said...

Any chance of North American clinics? If so please consider coming to Toronto, Canada. Thanks!

Ewan said...

North American clinics would be fantastic. I'm in Atlanta but would travel where needed to attend, including (or especially) to Toronto, my hometown!

Anonymous said...

How about coming to Sweden?

Anonymous said...

how about Serbia?

Anonymous said...

Why don't you expand and set up in the uk permantley there is certainly room for it, most public pools over here won't even let you use a kick board or paddles and most swimming lessons concentrate on all strokes and not just crawl. It would be profitable as there are so many people taking part in triathalon. Go on you know you want to

Adam Young said...

Hi guys, all very much on our wish list for the future - can't promise anything at this stage but hope to see you there.

Caroline said...

Not so much of a big ask, please come to ACT/NSW as there are lots of Masters swimmers in need of your clinic over this side of Oz!

Garry Haynes said...

On your UK dates email, you say at the start that the focus is "perfect for any swimmer or triathlete looking to improve their speed and efficiency in the water" but you then say later that you "are mainly focusing on Coach Education on this trip over from Australia."
Can you tell me which it is? I'm a Triathlon coach and want to improve my coaching skills.
Garry Haynes

Adam Young said...

Hi Caroline, as soon as we can we'll be over!

Hi Gary, we're referring to two different courses there. The first is the swim clinics:

The second is the coaches ed course (hurry, applications close on Tuesday 7th!):

What we're saying is we have fewer swimmer clinics because of our commitment to the coach ed courses.

Cheers, Adam

Anonymous said...

Any chance of doing a clinic in Gibraltar.
Open water swimming very popular and one of the greatest swims in Europe.....The round the Rock Swim a 10 k swim .... if lucky you mite see dolphins.

Jason Mesilio
Bluefin Open Water Swim Club Gibraltar

Unknown said...

I just wanted to let you know that what you do really affects peoples lives and that people - like me - truly appreciate it. |

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