Is This The World's Smoothest Freestyle Stroke?

A special treat this week: we've edited together a high quality video sequence for you of an amazing swimmer called Jono Van Hazel. Jono epitomises the Smooth Stroke Style used by many elite swimmers. In fact he's so smooth we used his stroke as the basis for our Mr Smooth animation!

Watch this sequence just before you next go for a swim and imagine in your mind swimming like that, visualise his movements and the rhythm of his stroke. Visualising a great freestyle stroke is a very powerful way to improve your swimming:

Jono is a 50m and 100m freestyle specialist from Perth who raced at the Athens Olympics; if you've been on one of our Swim Smooth Clinics you'll have seen his awesome stroke before. We're lucky enough to count Jono as a good friend of Swim Smooth and from time to time he makes guest appearances in our squads (giving the guys in the top lane a very tough workout in the process!). You can see a lot more of Jono swimming (including full underwater footage) and our complete analysis of his stroke in our Catch Masterclass DVD.

Swim Smooth!


Anonymous said...

That is an amazing video, thanks for showing it.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the video. it would be nice to have more underwater shots.

Anonymous said...

can you provide a quarter speed version for those of us that want to study it rather than watch it.


I love the way his face cuts the bow wave exactly symmetrically on a breath.

pjst0rer said...

Thanks Adam for sending me the link for Mr Smooth after my hdd crash. Love watching that smooth stroke and I reckon the visualising is helping me. thoughts for addition: when I saw the bubbles in your catch blog I could see when the acceleration of the hand past the bubbles was happening - so maybe add some bubbles (easy right ;-)). Also, how about a view from the perspective of the swimmers eyes? Somehow that's all I can see when I'mm training. yeah right - i need a coach...

Adam Young said...

Great ideas, thanks pjst0rer! Also glad you got the new installation sorted!

benbaz said...

i just received the Catch MasterClss DVD yesterday. The moment i received it, straightly i play it in my computer. In the evening at 8.00 pm went to swimming pool and practise all the drills. Tremendously i can feel the changing in my stroke...superb!! Thanks swimsmooth. Highly recommended to all swimmer out there..

Adam Young said...

Great to hear benbaz - keep up the great work!


HDD Regenerator said...

when I saw the pockets in your capture weblog I could see when the speeding of the side previous the pockets was occurring - so maybe add some pockets (easy right ;-)). Also, how about a perspective from the viewpoint of the people eyes?

Unknown said...

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