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The Wetronome is a fantastic training tool to develop the rhythm and timing of your stroke, and in the 'lap-interval' mode, a great virtual training partner to pace your swim training sets. We've been selling the Wetronome since 2004 but in a sense they have become a victim of their own success and the manufacturers have been struggling to meet the ever increasing demand.

Enter the new Tempo Trainer Pro - a fantastic new swimming beeper from Finis. We've been testing them with our squads here in Perth for the last four weeks and have been very impressed. They are extremely easy to use, operate in strokes per minute (which the old Tempo Trainer didn't) and have a very useful sync button to reset the timer whenever you want to start a swim. They're also cheaper than the Wetronome which is a nice bonus :

'Swimming beepers' such as the Wetronome and Tempo Trainer Pro sit under your swim cap while you swim and send out an audible beep that you can hear. In 'stroke-rate' mode you program in a desired stroke rhythm (e.g. 55 strokes per minute) and then simply time your strokes to the beep, allowing you to raise or lower your stroke rate a little bit at a time. This helps you find the efficiency sweet-spots in your stroke timing by either increasing your stroke rate to remove dead-spots or by slowing you down a little to help you lengthen out and avoid fighting the water.

In the second 'lap-interval' mode they beep once per lap like a beep-test in the gym. You program in a target swimming speed and pace your swim so that it beeps whenever you push off from the end of the pool. This sounds very simple but it's absolutely amazing how much you learn about your sense of a pacing - in fact many swimmers immediately swim PBs when using a lap beeper purely through much improved pacing. Did you know that nearly all world records run on the track or swam in the pool use an even or negative split? Most swimmers start too fast whenever they swim and under-perform for that reason, fix this in your swimming now.

We are big fans of the Wetronome and will continue to sell them but the Tempo Trainer Pro is a great new alternative and comes highly recommended by us.

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Anonymous said...

Another feature which might come in handy for this version is that the batteries are replaceable.

Btw. have you tested the Aquapulse?

Anonymous said...

I use the earlier version of the Tempo Trainer and love it - when I can hear it, that is. I can hear it fine until my ear fills with water, which is usually within a length of the pool. I've tried many things to stop water getting in without also plugging my ear and not hearing the TT that way.
I'd appreciate any suggestions that may help.

Anonymous said...

I tried the previous version of this and to be frank, it was a disaster. Brittle casing that cracked on the third use and was consigned to the bin. I'd take a Wetronome any day of the week... and I did.

Adam Young said...

Hi Guys,

No we haven't tested the aquapulse - obviously that's a heart rate monitor, not a pacing/stroke rate device.

Hi Tony, how close are you placing it to your ear? Are you wearing it under your swim cap?

Adam Young
Swim Smooth

Anonymous said...

Just tried a Tempo Trainer Pro today under a swim cap and could hear it fine until I started swimming. Id hear it for two beats then nothing until a turn and I might hear another beep. If I stood up out of the water I could hear it. repositioned it over the ear next flipped etc. same problem. Seemed like it was pressure sensitive?


Paul said...

Hi Bob

Which mode are you trying it in? Could you try mode 2 (lap timer mode) please and report back to me on and see if this works as in this mode the beeper beeps three times in quick succession each lap cycle and should make it easier for you to hear. Are you also using a swimming cap? If not, that'd be another recommendation to try.



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