The Most Important Walk In Swimming?

It might be as little as ten meters but the walk from the changing rooms to the pool can really define your swimming.

If you've been learning freestyle or working on improving your stroke then you should feel proud of yourself. Most people in the world can't swim and many in the western world do absolutely no exercise at all. You may not be the fastest swimmer in the world but that's absolutely fine thank you - so start walking out onto the pool deck tall and proud. Like your mum used to say: "head up, shoulders back, chest forwards!"

Adopting some positive body language and being confident in what you're doing will make a real difference when you start swimming. For one thing it will improve the positivity and rhythm in your stroke, which can only be good for your technique. And, if you can carry forward that shoulders back posture into your stroke you'll start to 'Swim Proud' which is great for your alignment in the water.

Swim Smooth!


joanne said...

It's True - a little Praise goes a long way. Thanks Swimsmooth you always make me feel positive about my swimming.

Ron said...

A very timely message, and one my Masters Club coach has been trying to get through to me. I learned to swim 2 years ago at age 69 and took part in a 2.1km open water race the past two summers. I found it very tough each time and felt that I should have done better, so didn't feel any sense of accomplishment. Your communication gives me a different perspective... Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for those words, Paul! Still recovering from my cycling injury. Hope to begin with some serious swimming before October. Good luck with your channel-swim!


Rudolf said...

i look at this differently - i check very much how i walk OFF the pool deck!
I want to feel strangely relaxed, kind of like a clown with totally lose muscles, even though i put in each day or a little more. no clue why i think this matters, i guess it gives me "body feedback" telling me whether i have been swimming lose and good or just plain uptight??

A question here that keeps on bothering me since i started swimming with a snorkel:
The more i kick with my legs the more oxygen i have to intake and let out, very tiresome. What would be good advice on this for people that run out of breath relatively quickly despite the fact that they have learned good breathing technique and do breath out well from the moment their head goes under water again??

Anonymous said...

Feel as is this is written just for me. It is such a effort to just get in the water, specially when everyone else is looking super cool...At least the dry mouth and nerves seem to have abated somewhat...been taking lessons for a year and the progress is slow. Thanks for the encouragement.

Dick Pitman said...

My junior college coach, Monte Nitzkowski, used to say, "Swimmers walk with a bounce."

Adam Young said...

Hi Joanne, Ron and Magnus - it sounds like you guys are doing great, enjoy your swimming and feel great, that's why we do it! :)

Hi Rudolf,

OK, loose and floppy through the shoulders themselves and limbs is good but you need a tall stretched core when you swim and your scapular (shoulder blades) retracted - so stand up tall but floppy through the limbs perhaps!

Yes, the harder you kick the more oxygen you burn for sure, especially if you kick more from the knee (didn't we discuss this a while back, I have deja-vu!). My advice would be to keep your legs quite straight and kick from the hip, gently brushing your big toes together to keep your legs high. Hope that helps.

Hi anonymous, keep up the good work, I'm sure with your obvious passion you'll get there in the end. Have you done any sculling with your coach? Ask them about it, it's great for developing more feel for the water which would really help you. Stay strong, you're doing great!

Great quote dick!



Kelp Krawlers - Monterey Bay Open Water Ocean Swimming said...

Very Inspirational after a 1.6 km swim in Monterey Bay, California in 12ÂșC water. We are training for a local triathlon. Thanks again

Richard said...


You learn to swim at age 69 two years ago. Nice work! Now you compete in Open water. WOW!
You are an inspiration. You're welcome in my lane any day!


Rich Holcomb said...

I will share with my triathletes to perform with pride. We are gifted people to be able to walk, swim cycle and run. When we loose these gifts, and we have to start over, it makes us appreciate to perform with pride-especially here in America where we live among so many couch potatoes!

Thank you for swim with pride

Rich Holcomb

Anonymous said...

My mum told me recently that out of 10 adults in her team at work, she was the only one who could swim, which I thought was pretty shocking!

From my own experience, there are a lot of people in my local pool who are happy just to swim lengths, generally with poor technique. Which is fine for them, but it just makes me want to work at it even more. There's one guy that for most of last year was my benchmark, but he only ever just swims - no technique work, no CSS focus, etc. Again, that may be fine for him, but I want more than that for myself. And we should feel proud of ourselves for this.

Kev said...

I joined structured classes in Sept and its tough. I could swim but this is a new level for triathletes and I have been getting annoyed at myself for not doing better or swimming faster even though my coach said I was improving.
I get anxious most mornings before I get into the pool feeling like I won't be good enough and half the time don't relax enough to enjoy it.
I need to take a step back and start enjoying it since I am the only one pushing myself to do it. Deep breaths and baby steps and maybe even try and smile jumping in :)


Unknown said...

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