Free Swim Smooth Articles For *Your* Website

Yes you can now make your personal, club, event or business website (or blog) that little bit smoother! We've written six fully featured articles about how to improve your swimming looking at subjects such as stroke correction, triathlon training, injury prevention, feel for the water and individual body types. These are fully featured Swim Smooth articles written in our clear style and beautifully presented with images and graphics. Rather than publish them on our website or blog we've decided to give them away to you for free to publish on your site instead! Find out more here: free swimming articles

It's simple: Pick the article that suits your site best, apply to use it and we'll approve your usage by email. You agree not to modify the article and we retain the copyright. Deal? It's very easy to recreate the article on your website, we'll send you all the code and images you need, you or your web designer will be able to get the feature live in minutes.

Find out more here.

We haven't heard of anyone doing this before but we thought it was a neat idea! We know how hard it can be to find interesting content for your website visitors. From our side it helps us reach as many swimmers as possible so we can help them improve their swimming.

Thanks and Swim Smooth!

PS. If we haven't written the perfect article for you yet, write to and tell us what you'd like to know or what you need help with. The more specific your question the better.


Anonymous said...

I particularly like your "clear style". I don't know if it is due to the fact that the blog is australian, but as a non-english mother tongue reader, I always understand your articles and like your expressions. Thank you for your blog and keep on !

Anonymous said...

Be careful that you don't hurt your site's search ranking by doing this. Google penalizes duplicate content that appears on multiple URLs.

Your site is SO well done, by the way!

Adam Young said...

Hi Anonymous1: Thanks, we put a lot of effort into making things easy to understand. Our editor is English so maybe it's the Australian-English combination that does this!

Hi Anonymous2: You're quite right, these articles are unlikely to give a positive impact for SEO for that reason. However they won't have a negative impact either because google doesn't degrade a site when there's some duplicate content elsewhere, otherwise it would be war on the internet with people surreptitiously duplicating competitors' content on random sites to knock them down the rankings.

In fact many people out there (no idea who they are) duplicate our content already in this way without our permission and it doesn't do us any harm.


(SS SEO Guru! ;)

Anonymous said...

Your blog got tagged under honorable mention - you know :D

Have fun and keep going!

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