Announcing SS UK Clinics & Coaches Education Courses, May 2011

UK Clinic Series May 2011

Swim Smooth are excited to announce six UK Clinics in Loughborough, Coventry, Bolton, Stirling and Hillingdon in May. Each one day clinic features full video analysis and is strictly limited to 12 swimmers -  perfect for any swimmer or triathlete looking to improve their speed and efficiency in the water.

For full information and to book your place, visit:

** The last clinic series in November filled up within 2 hours (no that's not a typo!) - please don't hesitate to book your place! **

SS Coach Education Courses May 2011

Swim Smooth are also announcing our third and fourth Coach Education Courses in the UK following the extremely successful events last year. These three day courses will run at Loughborough University from 5-7th May and Stirling University from 14-16th May.

The Coach Education Course is an intense program for ambitious swimming and triathlon coaches of any experience or level and will teach all of Swim Smooth's coaching methods including advanced stroke correction. The three day course will be delivered to twelve selected coaches by Swim Smooth's Paul Newsome and Adam Young.

These courses are endorsed by Triathlon England and Triathlon Scotland as recommended CPD for triathlon coaches looking to take their swim coaching skills to the next level. The BTF have requested Swim Smooth's expertise to develop their swimming coaching resources and deliver coach training and this course is a key component of that role.

For full details and to apply, visit:

Paul Newsome and I very much look forward to working with you in person in May.

Adam Young
Swim Smooth!


Casey said...

When are you guys coming to the U.S.?

Paul said...

Thanks CSArendt, yes indeed we do plan to come to the US - we're looking at an early 2012 time frame at this point. Please stay tuned to the Blog for further details as they become available. Thanks for your interest.

Anonymous said...

Any chance you're going to be doing something in NZ? The SS site and a couple of DVD's have taken my ocean swimming from being like a dog in the water that has accidentally fallen overboard (swimming 500 metres in 45 mins) to doing over a km in about 25 minutes. Pretty stoked as I do tri and have reduced my race time by over an hour. I'm sure you'd be able to teach me even more in a clinic.

Anonymous said...

Yes, please come to NZ!!

Adam Young said...

Feeling the love from NZ! We'd love to be there as it such a beautiful place with wonderful people. If ever it's possible to schedule it we'll be there in a flash. Cheers!

MHKInternational said...

Hi Paul - any chance of coming to K2 (Crawley)? Just spent 6 weeks in Perth, following the Rotto swim, but unfortunately didn't get a chance to come to one of your clinics at Claremont... Great blog - thanks. Anwar (Riaz's brother)

Freestyle Swimming Technique said...

Excellent stuff and a max of 12 people, I went to a clinic recently (snowboarding not swimming so a bit different!) and there was around 15 of us with two different instructors and mine seemed to take off early!

Good luck with it, seems pretty well organized.


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