Friday, July 9, 2010

A Stroke Worth Emulating?

Our post a few weeks ago about your ape index generated a lot of interest and discussion - in fact your emails about it are still coming in! The most persistent question we've received is: "I have short arms and really struggle to develop any speed, what should I do?"

To help answer this question we've put together a short video clip of one such swimmer who we've worked with to develop her stroke. A big thanks to Hannah for letting us share her footage with the world:

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Hannah's a great example of a Bambino who's developed her stroke very nicely. Bambinos suffer from very poor rhythm and timing in the stroke and poor feel for the water. Their hands just tend to slip through at the front of the stroke and so developing a better feel and connection with the water is a priority for them over reducing drag. (Incidentally, this is the opposite of what an Arnie has to do.)

We showed Hannah's footage on our recent clinic series and it made for extremely popular viewing - more so even than our footage of olympic swimmers. Sometimes watching the greatest swimmers in the world is just too big a jump and watching a nice stroke of a 'normal' swimmer like Hannah is easier to target in your mind. Especially if they have the same build and body type as yourself.

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