Saturday, May 15, 2010

Announcing SS UK Clinics June 2010 & Coaches Education Course

UK Clinic Series June 2010

Swim Smooth are excited to announce nine UK Clinics in Birmingham, York, West Lothian, Bolton, Windsor and Maidenhead in June. If you are a swimmer or triathlete looking to improve your speed and efficiency in the water, book your place now:

** Our previous clinic series in January filled up in 48 hours - please don't hesitate to book your place! **

A Swim Smooth clinic is a full day of focused development of your individual stroke technique with Swim Smooth coaches Paul Newsome and Adam Young.

Each clinic includes:

- Detailed video footage of your stroke above and below the water which you will take away with you on DVD.

- A full analysis of your stroke by Head Coach Paul Newsome. You'll come away with a clear understanding of what's currently holding you back and exactly what you need to do to improve your swimming speed and efficiency.

- Unique interactive classroom sessions that explain the fundamentals of the freestyle stroke, exactly why common problems occur and how to fix them. We'll cross reference this to your own stroke and in doing so explain how to adapt your individual technique for best performance in open water.

- How to develop a swimming program to suit your needs and how to get the most out of your pool time.

- Two practical swimming sessions focusing on developing your stroke. Paul and Adam will show you exactly how to fix the problem areas of your technique. You'll be given all the drills, methods and visualisations you need specific to your individual stroke, which you'll practice under our guidance.

- A mini squad session showing you how to implement our unique technique methods into a 'normal' training session.

The clinics are suitable for any ability of swimmer who can swim 200m of freestyle continuously, from beginner up to advanced level. Each clinic is strictly limited to twelve swimmers to ensure you get plenty of individual attention to your stroke needs.

Demand is expected to be very high - please don't delay in booking your place:

Swim Smooth Coach Education Course

Swim Smooth are also announcing our first Coach Education Course outside of Australia in Birmingham UK on the 4th to 6th June. This initiative follows a substantial request from coaches interested in our methods and practises. The course is an intense program for ambitious swimming and triathlon coaches of any experience or level and will teach all of Swim Smooth's coaching methods including advanced stroke correction. The three day course will be delivered to twelve selected coaches by Swim Smooth's Paul Newsome and Adam Young.

For full details and to apply visit:

We very much hope to meet you in person in June.


Swim Smooth!

Friday, May 14, 2010

What's The Easiest Way To Take Ten Minutes Out Of Your Swim Split?

Here's some fascinating GPS data from one of our Perth squad members, Daniel Tarborsky. Dan raced with his Garmin GPS under his swim cap for three of his major races this season just gone, recording the exact path he took. Let's see how he got on:

Busselton Half Ironman, May 2010:


  • Distance travelled from Garmin (inc run in & out): 2.33km
  • Straight line distance (inc run in & out): 1.98km
  • Distance extra swam: 0.35km
  • Percentage extra swam: 18%
  • Calculated time lost from swimming extra distance: 10 minutes exactly!

Port MacQuarie Ironman Australia, April 2010:

  • Distance travelled from Garmin (inc run in & out): 4.13km
  • Straight line distance (inc run in & out): 3.84km
  • Distance extra swam: 0.29km
  • Percentage extra swam: 8%

Hillary's Sprint Triathlon, April 2010:


  • Distance travelled from Garmin (inc run in & out): 1.02km
  • Straight line distance (inc run in & out): 0.82km
  • Distance extra swam: 0.20km
  • Percentage extra swam: 24%

Wow - thanks to Dan's data, you can clearly see the huge scope for losing time from poor navigation in open water. Whilst some of the extra distance measured by the GPS may be due to swell motion, it's clear that most of it is from straying off course - we've seen other GPS data at the same races showing much better navigation.

Food for thought isn't it? If we wrote a blog post about an easy way to improve your stroke technique to take ten minutes out of your swim split you'd hang off our every word! And yet, most triathletes never develop or practice their navigation and sighting skills.

A swimmer can measure their 100m time or count their strokes per length in the pool and so spends a lot of training focus improving these metrics - "what gets measured gets done". Until now we've not been able to accurately track how a swimmer travels in open water - and this probably explains the lack of enthusiasm about developing open water skills.

We're now rapidly approaching the northern hemisphere race season. If you are looking to get the best out of yourself in the water we strongly recommend you devote one of your weekly swims towards open water skills. The ideal way to do this is to train in open water in a group, however you can do a pretty good job working on your sighting and drafting techniques in the pool too.

A big thank you from us to Dan for being a great sport and allowing us to share his navigation skills with the world!

Swim Smooth!