Swim Smooth are today very proud to announce our new coaching DVD: Catch Masterclass. Two years in the making, Catch Masterclass is packed with all of Swim Smooth's insightful video, drills, visualisations and techniques to improve your propulsive power and efficiency:

catch masterclass

The catch phase of the freestyle stroke is very elusive for most swimmers. If you don't fully understand how to generate good propulsion from this critical phase of the stroke, or you need to take your swimming to the next level, then this DVD is for you.

Many swimmers focus on reducing their drag in the water and whilst this is very important, if you compromise your propulsion in doing so you will soon hit a plateau or even become slower. Don't let this happen to you - use Catch Masterclass to develop your propulsive technique and become a much faster, more efficient swimmer as a result.

In the DVD we clearly explain what a great catch technique looks like and show you three champion swimmers employing the same great catch mechanics within their individual stroke style. After explaining where you might have gone wrong up until now, we give you all the methods, drills and visualisations for introducing a great catch technique to your own stroke.

The Catch Masterclass is suitable for any swimmer or triathlete who can swim freestyle. Find out more and view the trailer: here

Special offer: Until the 10th January we're shipping this DVD (and also our DVD Boxset) anywhere in the world for free!

Some stills from Catch Masterclass:

Paul Newsome takes you through the Catch Masterclass.
jono van hazel
Discover Jono's super-smooth secrets.
Instant pop-ups help make demonstrations real.
Shelley Taylor Smith - still the best.
new drills
New drills.
paul and lisa
Putting the Masterclass into practise yourself.
doggy paddle
Clearly understand the key focus of each drill.
Warning: DVD may contain images of extremely bright swimsuits.
Understand how Jono swims sub-50 seconds for 100m.
unco rhythm
Advanced level drills to perfect your rhythm and timing.
Avoiding common pitfalls.
Different stroke styles, same great catch mechanics.
Dryland conditioning.
Every angle covered leaving no question unanswered.
challenge stadium
Sorry, swimming pool not included.

Wishing you a fantastic 2011,

Swim Smooth!


Rudolf said...

I'd like to ask a silly question here.

I swim 4km's on a daily basis, vary my exercise about every 300m block and i swim (at age 56 now, with a regular no roll turn, just classic touch and turn) the 100's in about 1 50.
So, i only recently started to put a float between my legs to swim without kicking - and was totally surprised at how i all of a sudden slice through the water that even Sharks would get scared of me (or so).
I checked my 100m time - 1 35, still no world champion, but 15 secs faster than with regular free style???
Now, as a regular reader of your newsletter i know you did mention it is no surprise some swim faster without the leg kicks and a float, but my difference looks a bit to big to me, plus, swimming with the float between my legs feels awesomely easy, i can do 4 strokes with no breathing problems if i want to, prefer bilateral most of the times though, whereas bilateral at regular freestyle gets me out of breath after 100m's.

So, now i feel like a sandbag in the water with regular freestyling and that there is something still not right with my style.
I am at the point where i get pretty good at the bent wrist and elbow catch, i try to get better at using my back muscles to get propulsion, i am sure i swim pretty high in the water, including my legs, but of course, i have no coach watching, and at present also no buddy or gf to run after me with a video cam, so i don't really see where the problem could be - but would love to get to the bottom of it.
The videos i have made date back to summer 2010 and i have improved since, but maybe a look at those would give you a hint on what's wrong with my style?? (ignore the funny style ones please :-)

jonhusband said...

Why would you not also offer your new DVD (advertised to me via email) by asking people if they want to pay, and then download the content from the web ?

Seems to me you could easily be adding to your sales by an order of magnitude or two.

Adam Young said...

Hi Rudolf, I just email you!

Jon, this is something we'd very much like to be able to offer in the future. Opinion seems to be quite mixed to the idea though - some people love the ease of a digital download but other quite like the idea of having something physical to hold for their money!


Anonymous said...

Rudolf, I am very impressed with your swim. Your timing is fantastic to me. I am awe to know your swim 4km daily, that is crazy.

My 100m is easily 2 min. though, my 50m is about 55 sec. I usually do 400m which is about 8 min 30 sec.

I have not improved much then, since taking up swimming seriously and regularly.

One of my big challenges is to keep swimming straight, which i tend to sway to the right after some good laps. I often feel my hips sway to right even i am cautious to kick straight. It is frustrating.

I wonder how can i improve my swim and catch. I hope this video could help.


Remi said...

Its nice to see people who swims quite a bit that doesn't swim too fast as I consider 2 min/100M not very fast (currently my time as well) and I swim about 3 X a week for an hour each sessions. Haven't improved in the last 2 years (been swimming for 4 years now). It is by far my weakest leg (triathlon).. I can't seem to get faster and I have a hard time watching and learning, would be nice to have access to a pro coach for a few weeks!

Anonymous said...

Bought this video a while ago, and I absolutely love it. Something I've noted recently though is that I'm very well equipped for analyzing other people's strokes, but when it comes to my own stroke I find it much harder to 'see the big picture' unless I tape myself. I cannot tape myself that often, and when I do it the feedback loop is too long to be very useful. I thought it might help to include Point Of View shots in your next video, to see what it looks like to do the right thing from your own eyes. Have you considered that?

Keep up the good work!

Adam Young said...

Hi Fernando,

Thanks for the idea - we did do a bit of that here:

It's very hard to do in practise, all you really get is pictures of water in the pool most of the time!


Anonymous said...

That was exactly it, Adam! And I'm very happy that what I see when I look forward matches the examples of what should be done.


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