We're Banning The Word *Slow* At Swim Smooth!

Thinking about your swimming in a positive way is so important. The Swim Smooth squads in Perth don't have a slow lane (and that's not because everyone is a world record holder, far from it). Instead we have a fast lane, a faster lane and a fastest lane! This is a small example of the positive psychology you can apply to your swimming.

Swimming is a fantastic sport for all offering you health, fitness and friendships. Just learning to swim freestyle is a challenge in itself and everybody feels outside their comfort zone every now and again - that's totally normal. Be determined and overcome these challenges and your self esteem and confidence will get a huge lift. Sure there's always going to be someone faster than yourself but that's no problem - welcome to the water!

Swim Smooth!


Anonymous said...

What an awesome message! Thank you! Just getting in the water and doing your best is success! No need to add in all the egoism about who swims with more speed. Speed is not the goal, fitness is!

Anonymous said...

I'm very new to Freestyle and have only had 10 lessons.
Thanks for very insriring me to do more

Anonymous said...

Good post.Being positive is so important when learning any new activity. The word slow puts your mind in a negative mode straight away. In life there is always someone bigger, better, faster, so what! enjoy what you do, whatever your level.

Patricia said...

I love you guys!

I've been swimming at noon with all the pros in our group.and I love trying to keep up or at least to channel their speed and endurance. considering I'm 57 going on 58 I am much slower!

I get lots of encouragement and get to model good swimming technique... and there is one 60 year old that holds his own in that group.

Unknown said...

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