Wetsuits and Body Position (HD Footage)

This week on Feel For The Water we have a very rare piece of video footage for you to watch, shot with our high definition filming rig in Perth.

In this fascinating clip we look at the difference in body position from using a wetsuit, a speedsuit, a pull buoy and normal bathers. As you watch this slow motion comparison, simply observe how much the wetsuit and pull-buoy enhance Pro Triathlete Scott Neyedli's body position. Watch the video: here

The clips are time synchronised, with Scott pushing off in all four corners simultaneously. Notice how much faster he finishes the lap with the wetsuit and then the speedsuit, clearly demonstrating the advantage of a higher body position to your speed in the water.


Swim Smooth!


Phillipd said...

Amazing footage. Thanks for sharing with this. I'm one of those that using a pull buoy is about the same, so I realize what a difference better kicking can do when I see Scott's kick. Love your site and the work you do! THANK YOU!!

aikonsandrow said...

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