Announcing SS UK Clinics & Coaches Education Course, November 2010

UK Clinic Series November 2010

Swim Smooth are excited to announce six UK Clinics in Loughborough, South Lanarkshire, Bolton, Coventry and High Wycombe in November. Each one day clinic features full video analysis and is strictly limited to 12 swimmers -  perfect for any swimmer or triathlete looking to improve their speed and efficiency in the water.

For full information and to book your place, visit:

** Many previous clinics have filled up within 24 hours - please don't hesitate to book your place! **

Swim Smooth Coach Education Course

Swim Smooth are also announcing our second Coach Education Course in the UK following the extremely successful event in June. The course will run at Loughborough University from 4-6th November.

The Coach Education Course is an intense program for ambitious swimming and triathlon coaches of any experience or level and will teach all of Swim Smooth's coaching methods including advanced stroke correction. The three day course will be delivered to twelve selected coaches by Swim Smooth's Paul Newsome and Adam Young.

The British Triathlon Federation have recently appointed Swim Smooth as official Coaching Consultants to their Coach Education Program. They have requested our knowledge and expertise in developing their swimming coaching resources and delivering coach training. The BTF are recommending and recognising this course as CPD for triathlon coaches wishing to develop their advanced swim coaching skills.

For full details and to apply, visit:

We very much hope to meet you in person in November.

Swim Smooth!

PS. US coaches and swimmers, we're planning to visit your shores in early 2011 - watch this space.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you will be having some swim clinics in the U.S. in 2011. Would you consider skipping up to Canada for a clinic or 2? Windsor, Ontario would be a great place for a clinic. Do you plan on having any coaches clinics while in North America? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Would love you to come to New Zealand too!

Anonymous said...

Another vote for NZ pleeeeeease!

Adam Young, Swim Smooth said...

Hi guys,

Thanks for the interest in our clinics - all duly noted!

We'd certainly love to visit your two beautiful countries, if we can fit it in we certainly will. Watch this space!

Richard said...

Hi Adam,

Love your Blog and the SS website.

I notice on the website you suggest 3 weeks hard training and a recover week.
Do you think you could post some info about recover weeks. Ie Stucture that is recommended. distances to cover during, sessions during etc.

Currently I'm doing 4 about sessions a week, Training for the Rotto Swim. Last few days I've been feeling a Little mucsle Soreness and Stiffness


Adam Young said...

Hi Richard,

Thanks - that's a great idea for a blog post.

As a quick rule of thumb for now, aim for about half training volume overall but keep the same mix of intensities.

Some muscular soreness is normal during hard training but watch out for stroke problems that might be causing it. e.g. thumb first entry, crossovers, pushing down with a straight arm catch.

Richard said...

Thanks Adam.
Will do.

Keep up the good work and I hope to see you guys on Rotto in Feb.

Anonymous said...

I too would love for you to come to Ontario Canada. If you come to London you're close enough to stop in and see you old pals in Stratford. Funny I was working for New Balance selling a guy shoes we started talking about the Triathlon Club I have he asked me if I ever heard of Swim Smooth. Told him I loved your site and it turns out you are good friends with him LOL. CGAC in London perfect place to host
LA Rowe Add Activity Triathlon Club

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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