A Necessary Evil?

We know a lot of people who follow Swim Smooth are triathletes. On our clinics we often ask you guys if swimming is a necessary evil for you, if you only really swim because of triathlon or Ironman. Normally at least half the room put their hands up! If this is you, we suggest an alternative mindset.

Embrace Swimming For Its Own Sake:

Enjoy the freedom swimming gives you from your daily stress and routine. Take the time to play in the water - even when you're not with your kids. Give the other strokes a go (often). Watch and understand the sport on TV. Race your friends (hard). Experiment with your stroke for fun. Swim without thinking about your stroke for a whole session (we dare you). Walk out poolside tall and proud. Swim twice in one day just to see what happens (it's interesting). Start thinking of yourself as a swimmer. Actually no, start thinking of yourself as a good swimmer.

It's very hard to be good at something you don't enjoy.  If you decide to change how you look at swimming you'll have taken one of the most important steps to becoming a better swimming. And you'll soon discover that swimming isn't really very evil at all.

Swim Smooth!


Rifka said...

At at annual visit 2 yrs ago, doc said "I dont care what you do, but you can no longer do nothing", there began swimming for me; I am one of those people that only swim and am grateful for every moment; I try to schedule swim with swim-pals who are as passionate about swimming as I am;

Tricotine said...

I am trying to enjoy swimming... but to me it feels like a punishment as I cannot run because of injury... It certainly would help me alot if I could see swimming as a fun activity and not a substitute to what I like to do best. Thanks for the advice! ☺

Renee said...

This is something I have been struggling with. Great advice, thank you!

Patricia said...

I love swimming! when running beats up my feet and my knees hurt, swimming is my respite. I love feeling the water and as they say exercise laying down. I focus on my highelbow and play with the glide... it is my mantra and my karma.... it is what saves me from the crazy competition issues of the rest of triathlon.

Ewai said...

I used to have major deep water fear and hated swimming in any form. I took up triathlon partly to challenge this. I had some proper training after a year of hating it, then slowly but surely as my stroke improved I began to love it. Now I am basically evangelical about it! Swimming is awesome, I miss it if I don't swim at least once a week, I love being in any water, I just have to swim now. Proper training was the secret to this, without it this would never have happened.

Anonymous said...

Swimming twice in one day? Never done it, what's the deal? Gonna have to give it a try now!


Anonymous said...

Dear Paul!

I want to say that I love swimming - even if I would like to consider myself a triathlonist (though a beginner). It is so challenging to try to be faster and smoother and...
However, tomorrow I will run Helsinki City Marathon with my wife. Swimming next week again.


liz hill said...

great post swim smooth! what helped me to love swimming, instead of seeing it as something i HAD to do in tri's, was to take up ocean swimming. great sport - total fun. who needs rides at the show when you can swim in big swell!

Anonymous said...

Like the article... I tend to think of it as a workout... like your thought process better. Embrace and enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

I began to swim as a necessary part of tri. I had some nasty tendonosis in my knee for about 6 months, much of which I could not effectively run. Instead, I swam more. It allowed me to keep my fitness up, and I began to enjoy it for it's own sake- I got a taste for it. Now I'm frustrated because I KNOW I'm inefficient, I have room for improvement, and I want to swim faster for swimming's sake.

Anonymous said...

Started to swim last year, just so I could do Tri's but now I find it a great sport and have even started watching the European Swimming Championships while I'm Budapest

Anonymous said...

i've managed to break my wrist, 6 weeks away from ironman canada. i miss swimming the most. although i'll need a permanent breakable sticker on my helmet, i'm sure swimming and water therapy will be an important part of my rehab. water should get more respect. it's where i've always gone when something hurts, spirit or body. does mr.smooth have any rehab advice?

Adam Young said...

Thanks for the comments guys - glad you enjoyed the posts.

Swimming twice in one day is interesting - you normally feel really loose and fluid in the water second time around...



Steve said...

A guard's advice got me to the site; following your advice has put my swimming on another plane entirely! Am feeling stronger, smoother, and turn in faster times, over longer distances. Wow! Have been a waterbug for years, am now 61. Wonderful!Thanks, Steve

jim said...
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