Find Your Stroke Rate Sweet Spot

You may not know this but nearly everyone's freestyle stroke has 'sweet spots' in it at certain stroke rates (strokes per minute). These are strokes rates where your efficiency is higher, meaning you move more quickly though the water for the same effort. Even if you swim regularly with a Wetronome you may not realise where these sweet spots lie.

That's why we invented The Stroke Rate Ramp Test - a method of assessing the full spectrum of your stroke. With a little help from a coach or friend on the poolside you can run through the Ramp Test and find stroke rates where you swim more efficiently. These are points where your stroke technique clicks - even if it doesn't feel that way at first. For instance, you may normally swim at 55 strokes per minute but find that at 59 strokes per minute you swim faster for less effort. Train and race at these sweet spots to get the very best out of your swimming.

Read our full article on the test here: Stroke Rate Ramp Test

Or jump ahead and watch our demonstration video right way.
Even those who don't own a Wetronome will find this interesting to watch!

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Tim said...

What the heck???

I probably do about 40 strokes per minute. Numbers above 60? In the 80's? Who is doing this?

Adam Young, Swim Smooth said...

Hi Tim,

It's worth getting someone to measure yours to be sure, it's unusual to see stroke rates below 45.

60 strokes per minute is probably an average number for triathletes and competitive swimmers swimming at a steady pace. Fitness has a large bearing of course, as does height. Shorter swimmers will often rate into the 70s and 80s.



Unknown said...

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