What Is An Efficient Freestyle Stroke?

We all know that Olympic level swimmers are extremely efficient and move staggeringly quickly through water. But have you ever wondered about the range of stroke styles they use to achieve this? And if you've watched an elite triathlon swim have you noticed they tend to use a different style again?

How can they all use different styles and yet be so quick?

To answer this question we've put together a 10 minute video presentation which you can watch using the link below. It features new hi-def footage shot here in Perth of Athens Olympian Jono Van Hazel and top age group triathlete Sally Scaffidi.

We'll think you'll find the conclusions and implications for your own swimming very interesting:

play pt1

play pt2

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David McMillan said...

Great videos and posts guys. This helps me a lot as I fall squarely in the category of Part 1 - being dejected with a poor stroke count number and feeling my swimming is easier and faster with a quicker stroke rate and more strokes per lap.

Paul said...

Here's a quick question for you then David - how tall are you out of interest?

Anonymous said...

Does it depend on height too? I'm not tall (5' 4" / 1.64) what would you expect my "category" would be?

Anonymous said...

Hi there. Height can certainly be a factor buy so too can 'wing span' as a relative proportion to your height. If you are typically of the shorter 'persuasion' with shorter arms, it is not at all uncommon to respond better to the faster tempo and relatively shorter stroke than the long, slow strokes of someone taller than yourself. Watch this space though as we will be expanding on this a little more in the next few weeks with a couple of experimental sessions you can try for yourself. Enjoy!

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