Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Finis Freestyler Paddles

Here’s a product we don’t sell but we love:

Finis Freestyler Paddles -- http://www.finisinc.com/en/P-10502050/Freestyler-Hand-Paddles.aspx

In our opinion they’re much superior to a conventional swimming paddle. They help you improve your hand entry by spearing into the water giving you instant feedback if you’re not extending, catching and pulling with good alignment. And they ensure you finish your stroke properly during the push phase at the back of the stroke.

They're especially good for helping remove crossovers , which you can read a little more about on our bilateral breathing page: www.swimsmooth.com/bilateral. Incidentally, crossovers cause shoulder impingement, one of the leading causes of swimmer’s shoulder injury. So, unlike normal paddles, these Freestylers help fix shoulder injury, not cause or aggravate it. They are not a strength paddle - they are a technique paddle - so we suggest you swim with them in your warm-up and drill sets.

For smaller women we recommend the white junior version - the girls on our swim squads love them. Oh, and these paddles are cheap too – bonus!


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