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Dear Swimmer,

Welcome to the new Swim Smooth Blog called Feel For The Water. My name's Paul Newsome, the head coach at Swim Smooth. Every week myself and the other Swim Smooth coaches will be posting tips and advice to improve your freestyle swimming. We're proud of our straightforward, no-nonsense style and this blog will be no exception.

As well as talking stroke technique, we'll also be giving you some fun training sessions to try. Once you are able to swim several laps consecutively, Swim Smooth don't believe in a technique only approach. The swimmers that continue to improve and get better and better strike the right balance between technique work and training. We're going to help you get this balance right!

There are three websites in Swim Smooth land:

1) The main Swim Smooth site full of key articles about improving your freestyle swimming - split up into sections for beginner, intermediate and advanced swimmers.

2) Our Forum to ask your questions, discuss your training and meet other swimmers.

3) This blog - Feel For The Water - improvements to your swimming arriving in your inbox every week.

Enjoy Swim Smooth and speak to you soon,

Cheers! Paul



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